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Five unstructured and unrepentant ruminations on art, vision, signs, symbols, graphic depiction and photographic imagery.


Hellman Building Detail, Downtown Los Angeles
Photograph by Julie Tumblety

Wonder Thrills, Coney Island, New York
Photograph by Roy Montibon

Roof Composition, Kiyumizu Temple, Kyoto, Japan
Photograph by Roy Montibon

Ancient and Contemporary, The City, London, England
Photograph by Julie Tumblety

LA Skyline at Dusk, Downtown Los Angeles
Photograph by Julie Tumblety

This image was shot from the window of our eighth-floor loft in the San Fernando Building in the Old Bank District, when we lived at 4th and Main in Downtown LA.

Limited-edition prints, mixed media work and originals by Roy Montibon and Julie Tumblety are available through Royal Mastodon Society. Call 213. 446. 6951 for inquiries.

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